Ms. Victoria Stackhouse has loved music all of her life. Since the age of 4 she has been involved in church and school choirs. In high school she was a part of the prestigious Baltimore City College High School Choir, under the direction of Linda Hall. She continued singing in college with the gospel choir, Chosen Generation.  Throughout her high school and early college years she worked with students in elementary and middle school in classrooms and at summer camp. She has encouraged these students to reach their fullest potential creatively and academically. Victoria attended Loyola University Maryland and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology. This field allowed her study the physiological components of the voice and to take some other music courses including theory and piano.  She also gained a deep understanding of communication. As a part of her academic studies and volunteer time she assisted students in classrooms who had difficulty with communication at the social and physical levels.  Her love of music and experience working with students throughout the years has led her to unite those passions and move forward in the path of music and education.