Anthony Thompson-Shaw has been involved with music since the age of 10 when he began learning the melodeon.  Anthony learned his first brass instrument, the baritone horn, in middle school and began to fall in love with performing and playing in a band. During high school he was involved with all aspects of the band program including the concert, marching, and jazz band.  During his junior year the band director he had come to respect and admire resigned from the school, so Anthony and a few other musicians banded together to ensure incoming students would receive quality instruction and maintain the band program. It was during this year that he realized that he wanted to become a band director and music teacher. Anthony attended Coppin State University and graduated with a degree in Urban Arts with a Minor in Music. During college he was very active in the Coppin State band program; becoming a leader in the program, representing the program in the school’s student senate, and volunteering with the band program’s music enrichment initiative. Anthony’s studies culminated in a semester internship to teach music and music theory to middle school students in the Baltimore public school system. After graduating Anthony received an offer for a Band director position from Sallie B. Howard School for the Arts and Education.  During that time Anthony was able to create a Marching band program for the school and lead the band program to winning Second place in the Music in the Parks  band competition.